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Secunderabad Railway Station Information
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Railway Enquiry No,Mobile No, WhatsApp & Complaint No latest 2024:In this article we will provide you all enquiry numbers related to Railway and all contact info related to Secunderabad Railway.

Railway Enquiry No:-139

NameRailway Enquiry
Launched ByRailway Authorities
BeneficiariesResidents Of India
ObjectiveProviding Railway Enquiry
Official Websitehttp://www.indianrailways.gov.in/

Helpline Numbers

The following helpline numbers are available for the customers of Railway Services in India :-

General Enquiry  139
Toll-free Number1800-111-139
General complain138
Accidents and safety1072

Railway Enquiry SMS Format

To enquire about something related to Railways, you need to follow the following format of SMS:-

EnquirySMS FormatNumber
For PNR statusPNR <10 digit PNR number>139
Train arrival and departureAD <Train number> <Station code>139
Accommodation availabilitySEAT <Train number> <Station from: STD code> <date of journey ddmmyy> <Station to: STD code>139
Fare enquiryFARE <Train number> <Date of Journey ddmmyy> <Station from: STD code> <Station to: STD code>139
Train Time TableTime <Train number>139
For train name and number<Train Name> or <Train number>139

Railways SMS Format for Cleaning

To ask an enquiry about the cleanliness on the train you need to follow the following format of SMS:-

EnquirySMS formatSend To
For toilet cleaningOB <Space> C<Space> <PNR>138
Couch cleaningOB<space> C<space> <PNR>138
WateringOB <space>W<space> <PNR>138
For pantryOB <space>R<space> <PNR>138
For rodentOB<space>P<space> <PNR>138
Bed RollOB<space>L<space> <PNR>138
Electrical RepairOB<space>E<space> <PNR>138

How To Call at Railway Enquiry Number

If you want to place a call on the customer helpline number of the railways then you must follow the following procedure:-

  • First, dial the toll-free number that is  139
  • A welcome message will be heard in Hindi & English
  • Choose the Language of your desire.
    • Press 1 for Hindi
    • Now Press 2 for English
    • Press 3 for Punjabi
  • Further, the following options will be given to you-
    • Press * to call directly to the customer care executive
    • Press 1 for PNR Status
    • Now Press 2 for Arrival, Departure, Cancellation, Train Diversion status
    • Press 3 for Accommodation availability
    • Press 4 To Know About Fare Enquiry
    • Now Press 5 To book Ticket through UPI, Debit Card, Credit Card or by Cash Card delivery by courier or in your email
    • Press 6 to cancel the reserved ticket
    • Press 7 for a Wake-up call or initial alert
    • Now Press 8 for Wheel Chair Booking
    • Press 9 for ordering the food menu

Coach Mitra Services in Railways

If you want to avail the services of coach Mitra then you can follow the simple procedure of syntax given below:-

For Coach CleaningOB <Space> C<Space><PNR>
For Toilet CleaningOB<Space>T<Space><PNR>
For WateringOB<Space>W<Space><PNR>
For Pantry RepairOB<Space>R<Space><PNR>
For Pest/RodentOB<Space>P<Space><PNR>
For Linen/Bed RollOB<Space>L<Space><PNR>
For Electrical RepairOB<Space>E<Space><PNR>

Some frequently asked questions about the railway enquiry number:

What is the railway enquiry number of Indian Railways?

The railway enquiry number of Indian Railways is 139. This is a toll-free number that provides information and assistance for various train-related queries and complaints.

How do I call 139 to get help from Indian Railway?

You can dial 139 from your mobile or landline phone and follow the voice instructions. You can press different numbers to access different services, such as PNR status, train arrival and departure, seat availability, fare enquiry, ticket booking and cancellation, wake-up call, and more.

Can I use SMS to make railway enquiries?

Yes, you can use SMS to make railway enquiries by sending a message in a specific format to 139. For example, to check PNR status, you can send PNR <10 digit PNR number> to 139. You can also use SMS to request for cleanliness, coach mitra, and other services.

What are the other helpline numbers of Indian Railways?

Apart from 139, Indian Railways also provides other helpline numbers for specific purposes, such as security, medical assistance, general complaints, bribery and corruption complaint, parcel or goods enquiry or complaints, and IRCTC-related assistance. You can find the list of these numbers here.

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