places to visit sonipat


Known for its famous dhabas (roadside restaurants) serving delicious parathas, making it a popular food destination for locals and tourists alike.

Tilyar Lake

A picturesque spot for nature lovers, offering boating facilities and a peaceful environment for relaxation and recreation

Devi Temple, Ganaur

A nearby religious site with beautiful architecture and a tranquil ambiance, attracting devotees and tourists.

Khwaja Khizr Tomb, Ganaur

Another historical and religious site with intricate artwork and cultural significance.

Shambhu Nath

A popular religious and cultural site

Baba Dham Mandir

A temple known for its peaceful atmosphere and intricate design

Badkhalsa Memorial

A historical site commemorating a significant event or individual

Gulshan Dhaba

A renowned eatery where visitors can enjoy traditional Punjabi dishes

Atlas Road Ram Mandir

A religious site known for its architecture and spiritual significanc