Siliguri NBSTC Bus Stand Timetable 2024

Siliguri NBSTC Bus Stand
Siliguri NBSTC Bus Stand
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Siliguri NBSTC Bus Stand Timetable 2024: In this article, we will provide you with a full Siliguri Bus Stand Time Table latest with all the details like contact number and other details like a fair price and its distance and complete timetable related to this.

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Siliguri NBSTC Bus Timetable

Siliguri NBSTC Bus Stand timeable
Siliguri NBSTC Bus Stand timeable

I can help you find the bus timetable for Siliguri from the North Bengal State Transport Corporation (NBSTC). Here is a table that shows the bus routes from Cooch Behar to Siliguri, which is one of the most popular routes in the region:

1Cooch BeharSiliguri5:00 AMFalakata
2Cooch BeharSiliguri5:30 AMFalakata
3Cooch BeharSiliguri5:40 AMFalakata
4Cooch BeharSiliguri6:10 AMFalakata
5Cooch BeharSiliguri6:20 AMFalakata
6Cooch BeharSiliguri7:30 AMFalakata
7Cooch BeharSiliguri8:00 AMFalakata
8Cooch BeharSiliguri8:20 AMMathabhanga
9Cooch BeharSiliguri8:50 AMFalakata
10Cooch BeharSiliguri9:30 AMMathabhanga
11Cooch BeharSiliguri10:15 AMFalakata
12Cooch BeharSiliguri10:25 AMFalakata
13Cooch BeharSiliguri10:40 AMFalakata
14Cooch BeharSiliguri11:00 AMFalakata
15Cooch BeharSiliguri11:20 AMFalakata
16Cooch BeharSiliguri11:40 AMFalakata
17Cooch BeharSiliguri12:00 AMFalakata
18Cooch BeharSiliguri12:20 PMFalakata
19Cooch BeharSiliguri12:30 PMFalakata
20Cooch BeharSiliguri1:00 PMFalakata
21Cooch BeharSiliguri2:00 PMFalakata
22Cooch BeharSiliguri2:30 PMFalakata
23Cooch BeharSiliguri3:00 PMFalakata
24Cooch BeharSiliguri3:15 PMMathabhanga
25Cooch BeharSiliguri3:30 PMFalakata
26Cooch BeharSiliguri4:00 PMFalakata
27Cooch BeharSiliguri4:45 PMFalakata
28Cooch BeharSiliguri5:15 PMFalakata
29Cooch BeharSiliguri6:00 PMFalakata

You can also download the full PDF file of the NBSTC bus routes from here or visit the official website of NBSTC here for more information. I hope this helps you plan your travel.

How can I book a bus ticket online from NBSTC?

You can book a bus ticket online from NBSTC by visiting their official website here and clicking on the “Online Booking” option.

What are the different types of buses available from NBSTC?

 NBSTC offers different types of buses such as AC, Non-AC, Deluxe, Super Deluxe, Volvo, and Rocket.

How can I check the bus schedule and route details from NBSTC?

You can check the bus schedule and route details from NBSTC by downloading the PDF file of the bus routes from here or by searching the bus by route from here.


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